I am scared. Are you?

Do you often feel scared out of nothing?

Well, I do. I am scared of a lot of things, some of those things appear insane to certain humans while others have made their peace with it. But, I think, those opinions projected by my fear aren’t that strong to judge my whole persona.

One may find it as a piece of laughter but writing my raw thoughts scares me the most, even if it appears in the anonymity of the world. But then again another thought punctures my thought process, if it is not about anonymity then, why am I scared!?!

One fact that I know about being me is I am a wholly passionate writer and I am the most fearless soul, are these all mere thoughts of my identity or me living’ in delusion, NO.

I am scared because if I am going to write about everything I know and everything I feel then maybe, one day I am going to run out of ideas. Maybe that’s where the fear is rooting from, being empty of the ideas, the thoughts, which drives me to often get this urge to save my ideas, my perspectives, my thoughts, my opinions and my every inch of being a thinker, everything else I have ever lived is to be a writer forever, to never reach a senescence of those flowering ideas.

One may believe all this to be absurd and may hold an opinion to never feel or even think about such a thing. But then again the question remains, if we won’t express ourselves to the world or at least to the surroundings, who will!

I want you to stop for a while and think about this, one more time.

Is there nothing in your lives that you may want to hold on to forever?

That one sacred thing which made you feel perfect every single time!

That one thing which gives you freedom of being you!

That one thing which holds you up above all the labels and tagging's!

And that “sacred” can be anything, anyone that allows your raw self to fly. It can be an embarrassing habit, a rare hobby, a crazy passion, a common profession, an unending struggle, an absurd thought or even an endless flout.

It can be anything that lets you talk, that lets you express your shielded self, the one in which you put all your effort and creativity and emotion and perspective and let it through.

Now, you tell me “Does that thought not scare you, of being the one who loses or being the one who stops putting in efforts, or simply the thought that you will outgrow your own expressions ?”

I have no say in how you feel raw, but this is the idea of fear for me. And if you have something, that is precious yet perishable in your life, you must feel this random flow of fear by the thought of running out of it someday. And if you don’t have something that is fearful and scarce in life, then you better start digging. Because babe! I have found my fear and I am going to be scared about it.

I am a passionate poet and a creative writer. I love to write about everything I can think, see, observe and feel. Instagram : srijay.thecreation