The idea of being a human who is able to understand everyone’s situation at any given time is extremely enlightening. But to be that person and fight with everyone’s demon is so struggling & exhausting that, sometimes I realise that I too need some space to make peace with my…

Why do we wait to speak till the last unbearable moment?

A person thinks about it everyday in a particular moment. They gather the strength to speak up and take a stand but then immediately back down from it, for anything more or less important than having this argument.

And I am pretty much sure a larger part of the population…

Making Mistake is good or bad?

Mistakes are one of those things which are considered bad in life. And especially it’s considered horribly bad when someone else has done it.

Why do people think this way? And What does their perspective represent?

No one can deny one fact that every…

Do you often feel scared out of nothing?

Well, I do. I am scared of a lot of things, some of those things appear insane to certain humans while others have made their peace with it. But, I think, those opinions projected by my fear aren’t that strong to judge my whole persona.

One may find it as…

Srishti Gaur

I am a passionate poet and a creative writer. I love to write about everything I can think, see, observe and feel. Instagram : srijay.thecreation

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